ISO 1302 & 21920:2022

Surface analysis software trusted by the professionals

Used by thousands of engineers, scientists and metrologists worldwide, MountainsMap® software is the gold standard in 2D and 3D surface texture analysis and measurement for use with profilometers and other surface measurement instruments.

Visualize, correct and analyze profiles and surfaces – Filter roughness & waviness according to ISO 16610 – Calculate ISO profile and area parameters – Extract functional and metrological information from your data using advanced tools: Fourier analysis, particle analysis, step height, shape fitting, wavelet filter, fractal analysis etc. – Load, visualize and analyze freeform surfaces (shells)

Important analysis functions in MountainsMAP®

Surface roughness analysis and iso-parameters

Perform surface roughness analyzes and calculate surface texture parameters according to ISO 25178, ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ISO 21920 and other national standards.

Korrektion av mätdata

Get your measurement data ready for analysis and eliminate outliers, local defects and measurement noise.


Surface geometry

Effective and accurate analysis of surface geometry (distances, angles, surfaces of peaks and troughs, volumes of elevations and holes, step heights on surfaces and profiles, etc.)

Surface joining

Easily combine multiple measurements that overlap horizontally or join two or more surface measurements taken at different heights.

Analyzes of free form surfaces

Import, visualize and analyze freeforms (shells) in various file formats such as STL, OBJ, PLY and 3MF. Also comparison against CAD data.

Advanced contour analysis

Perform full geometric dimensioning and tolerance analyses.

Fiber and particle analysis

Automatically identify and quantify fibers, grains, particles, islands, pores/holes and texture cells.

Korrelativ analys

Correlate the same features on 3D surface topography data and in images obtained from different instruments (e.g. SEM, AFM).

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